Vocational Training Center

Giving them a life to lead not just live…

As part of our social responsibility, on the anvil we plan to create a “Vocational training center” for the children from poorer section of the society. In the vicinity of Pristine Valley are predominantly migratory workers who are employed in the nearby tea estates and involved in agriculture and farm works. Our aim is to provide basic skill development in areas like computer operation, carpentry, electrical, plumbing etc. to take up a job for making a living.

This center will be located in the close vicinity of the PV and will function under the PV Foundation. In fact, we are in talks with the Govt. of TN and the petition is pending with the Collector of Niligiris for lending their support to this project.

We look forward to your support in this initiative through contributions and we welcome all those willing to be part of this charity in any of their best capabilities.