Toda House in Pristine Valley Ooty

Pristine valley Toda  houses Ooty

Live like the people of the habitat live…

Come experience living in the Toda huts it will be an experience you can talk about. These homes are oval and pent-shaped constructions are close to ten feet tall and close to 200 sq.feet. They are built of bamboo fastened with rattan and are thatched. Each hut is enclosed within a wall of loose stones. The front and back of the hut are usually made of dressed stones. The beauty is that these toda huts have a tiny entrance at the front – about 3 feet wide and three feet tall.

The ambience is typical of a toda home and is decorated with the Toda art forms, a kind of rock mural painting. Thicker bamboo canes are arched to give the hut its basic pent shape. Thinner bamboo canes are tied close and parallel to each other over this frame. Dried grass is stacked over this as thatch. It is truly a different lifestyle. An experience set to give you a complete feel of what it feels to live like the tribals.