Pristine valley Time share Ooty

It’s time to Share

We strongly believe that Pristine Valley is a place where everybody has the right it and enjoy the place. We have initiated a timeshare concept where you own a property for a period of time with a specificform of ownership or user rights whereyou can use the property.

Thisform of time share ownership comes along with assurance of a standard quality which is the penchant for , and knowing that personal expectations will be satisfied year after year. The certainty of superb facilities and comfortable accommodation can actually be shared among you and other family members.

So with the Time Share concept you can enjoy and live in peace knowing that quite a significant bit of your future holidays is already paid and taken care of. It’s time to share and this means great holidays at great places.

Pristine Valley offers you the opportunity to choose between three types of membership Silver, Gold and Platinum, to find out more details and choose what is best for you send us a mail or call on