Rock House

Come have a rocking time…

This is surely going to blow your mind. Live like how the primitive man lived but with a fully furnished house. Ever wondered how it would be to live in the rocks? We have taken this concept to a different level and have hollowed out caves to make homes.  Designed with all the amenities our rock houses will be done with proper engineering precision and also keeping in mind the environmental conditions. A lot of effort has gone in to for more contemporary living.

Though most people are still experimenting with the concept of living in caves, our rock homes are well designed, with modern facilities, brilliant ventilation and of course it goes without saying spectacular views.  What will add to the ambience is the naturally quiet and constant temperature. So in summer it is cool while it gets warm in the winter. Further with the primary structure using all-natural material, rock homes are an exclusivity  – all you need to do is come and check in and have a rocking time.