Give your inner self an adrenaline boost

Trekkers Paradise

A unique way to explore the mesmerizing Blues Mountain ranges of the Nilgiris Hills and the picturesque landscapes of Ooty as well as the surrounding regions of Ooty is by trekking.

The undulating landscape of Pristine Valley is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and trekkers. The hilly and wooded terrains provide trekkers with an excellent platform to unleash their sporting zeal and get energized through the activity of trekking and hiking. You would be taken for a trek guided by an experienced and knowledgeable naturalist who will introduce you to all the mysterious landscapes of the Nilgiris.

With a drop of almost 300 mtrs from the summit of the property and the varying terrains makes it a challenging trek to and from the bottom of the valley. Trekking through the wooded areas of Nilgiris you will get the perfect opportunity to soak in the spectacular sights of nature.

 Off-roading Challenge

Designed purely for the adrenaline junkie, the Jeep Safari takes you through the many hills of Nilgiris in and around Pristine Valley where the guests will discover idyllic hillsides, sweeping landscapes and nature in its purest form.

At 2240M above sea level, the mountains of Ooty are one of the tallest in the country. Grasslands, waterfalls, streams, lakes and a rich assortment of flora and fauna make for a lovely nature experience.

Nilgiris hilly terrain and a vast network of roads provide the perfect opportunity to take out the jeep and go out traversing on its rough tracks, you can find your vehicle trying to wade streams or climbing up a steep rocky road where lesser vehicles can not dare to venture. Along the path you will be getting a spectacular glimpse of Nilgiris diverse wildlife. Explore the beautiful and natural forest reserves that will instill the calmness and serenity your soul needs.