Pre-engineered houses

Pre-engineered houses

Live in your dream home faster…

Once you have decided to live in

Pristine Valley Pre-engineered houses in Ooty, there is no turning back. You can live your dream immediately. Your piece of land can transformed into a complete residence where you can dwell amidst the peace and tranquility.

What we have for you is a made to order, provide easy-to-assemble homes that are created for your comfort and convenience. These pre-fabricated homes are of the highest quality standards and are tested for extreme weather and environmental conditions.We choose to work with manufacturers who are world leaders and with immense experience in setting up pre-engineered homes across various terrains and weather conditions.

The components used are manufactured in world class facilities and are easy-to-assemble homes that meet high quality standards.While constructing these homes we ensure that there is minimummoisture content. There is also heat recovery ventilation systems (HRV) that helpin harnessing solar energy.When you build your pre-engineered home, you can be assured it is ready to occupy and all set to live your dream without any hassle.