Social Obligations

Helping create lifestyles that are one with Nature…

 Nature Preservation

Preserving Nature. Working around it.

Ever since we started developing Pristine Valley our prime focus has been and more as a responsibility to ensure preserving the virgin nature of the valley. From the day we started we have done our best to maintain the eco system in its pristine state.

We also feel obligated to fulfill some aspiration of the peace loving local folks living around the project area, who came forward willingly to provide the land needed to create the luxury township for those seeking respite in the cool hills, away from the hum drum and sweltering heat of the plains.

 Construction Philosophy

Keep it natural and simple

Pristine Valley layouts are designed in such a manner that minimum amount of trees are felled. For every tree felled, 5 new saplings are planted in the valley.

Constructing in the hills requires compliance to different elements which include ecological balance, building laws laid down by the local authorities, the materials used for durability and weathering elements.

We have drawn our inspiration from the natural habitat and dwelling in the Alps.  To bring about the oneness with nature, we have ensured the multi-coloured slanting roofs blend with the surroundings and make it feel one with nature. The all-weather roof is made of Ondoline sheets, imported from France to maintain an even temperature throughout the year.

The interior are completely done up with material locally available to keep the construction cost to the minimum. The dwellings are all constructed with a mix of wood, Wienberger hollow bricks, solid concrete block and granite.

Build it the way you would like it

For your convenience, we offer you the option of designing and building your home through an architect and builder of your choice or alternatively, we could build to your specification and deliver you a ready to occupy villa.