Pristine Valley Hobbeezz in Ooty

Recreation unlimited in the Hills

The PV Honeezz is a concept for everybody who wants to take an intelligent break. We invite you to explore for yourself your inner potential. With all the facilities of the resort and hotel attached this will be an exclusive entity where you can conduct specialized conferences and seminars of your interest.

Whether it’s large or small – simple or multi-faceted, we can ensure that your schedule and plan will be executed and where we will take it beyond your expectation. Here we intend to have some of the best facilities where you can enrich your hobbies or even conduct workshops and conferences. With some of the most sophisticated facilities and ambience, this makes it just the right place for thinking out of the box and exercising your innate skills.

We also have a host of games and a hobby centre for your child where they can enhance their creativity and bring out the natural best in them. There will be over a 100 plus games from an international chain which we intend to introduce that will keep them occupied and also recognize their natural abilities.