Revealing the secrets of tea…

We have seen it in the movies, where theNiligiris is famous for its tea estates. The place has become synonymous with some exclusive tea that reaches across the world. Encinada Tea Factory is within Pristine Valley that has high relevance and is more of a heritage site that brings back the glorious past of the rich tea drinking culture that existed during the British raj.

We have been able to maintain the factory and ensured that none of the processes of tea making has changed. In fact, the factory is fully functional. We offer guided tours into the whole process of tea manufacturing. You will enjoy the finer nuances of tea which otherwise in our daily chores in life can be simply overlooked.

A typical tour will start from picking the tea leaves and driving it to the factory. Once you reach the factory we walk you through every single step of the process and giving you inputs into the different flavors and blends that are available.  You will also get a first hand information on some of the secrets that have been maintained over centuries about tea-making.

Finally, you can bask in the tea shoppe which we have created exclusively for our guests where you have the opportunity to choose your own tea and brew it right in front of you. So chill out and learn more about the cup of tea and we assure you tea will never taste the same again.