Let Pristine Valley earn for you…


If you are looking at building a home in Pristine Valley but just wish to use it as a holiday home that is a possibility. While you are away from your holiday home we make an offer which will benefit you to the highest.

To start with we do not encourage you to lose out on your investment. Added to this we would wish for many people to enjoy the exclusivity and ambience of Pristine Valley. All you need to do is attach your home to the Pristine Valley Resort.

We in turn will rent it to guests who check-in with us at the Pristine Valley Resorts. All you need to do is earmark the number of days you would wish to reside during a calendar year at your home and we will keep it available for you.

This means even if you are not residing in your Holiday Home it can earn you money proportionate to your investment.  Added to this we will ensure the maintenance of your Holiday home is taken care throughout the year.